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Environmental Works

Ecosite Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist environmental consulting company who are able to provide clients with a range of environmental solutions. Our expertise includes : erosion and sediment control planning, gravel pit remediation, On-Site Effluent Disposal, Development Applications, Farm Planning, working with Government Agencies, GIS mapping, community engagement, Management of Environmental Projects preparation of funding proposals and farm planning.

Environmental Rrepresentative

The Environmental Representative (ER) is an independent expert in environmental management and is appointed by the Department of Planning and Environment.   The ER is responsible for ensuring that companies and their contractors comply with the mitigation measures and safeguards documented in their Environmental Management Plans.  Patric Millar Director of Ecosite Solutions Pty Ltd was recently appointed by the Department of Planning and Environment as the Environmental Representative for the Glen Innes Wind Farm Project.

Erosion and Sediment Control

We are erosion and sediment control specialists and have extensive experience in all facets of on – site erosion management. Our team have extensive soil conservation experience including the design, costing and implementation of a wide variety of erosion and sediment control solutions. We have a deep understanding of all areas of roadside erosion and sediment control including: planning, construction supervision, monitoring, statutory compliance and the remediation of unsuitable tracks. We specialise in marrying solid planning with pragmatic on ground solutions.

Mining Operations Planning

The planning of mining operations is the key to a successful and profitable operation. Ecosite Solutions has extensive experience in the preparation of Mining Operations Plans and other rehabilitation plans. We have experience in working across a large range of mining industries in a variety of geographic and climatic zones.

Quarry Planning and Remediation

The planning, operation and remediation of gravel pits and quarries requires pragmatic solutions to complex problems. Ecosite Solutions has extensive experience in the planinng, management and rehabilitation of gravel pits and quarries.  We specialise in rehabilitation planning. We have experience in working across a large range of soil types, terrains, geographic areas and climatic zones.

On Site Effluent Disposal

We can undertake site investigations and prepare reports for On – Site Effluent Disposal in accordance with the provisions of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1547-2000: On – site Domestic Wastewater Management and the guidelines set out in “Environmental and Health Protection Guidelines (On-site sewage Management for Single Households)” We have specialist equipment available for in-situ measurement of soil infiltration rates and are able to prepare water and nutrient balance models to meet local and State government requirements.

Development Applications

We are able to prepare all the relevant documentation to meet the requirements of Local and State Government. Ecosite Solutions can prepare Statements of Environmental Effects, undertake vegetation surveys, prepare Threatened Species assessments and design On – Site effluent disposal schemes.

Farm Planning

A number of Government and Statutory Authorities are now requiring Certified Farm Plans prior to entering into funding arrangements with landholders. We are able to prepare plans which cover a range of on farm issues including vegetation management, irrigation management, livestock management and infrastructure replacement and meet the relevant legislative requirements.

Working with Government Agencies

Ecosite Solutions is very experienced in dealing with government. A number of our team come from solid public service backgrounds and have extensive experience in many facets of environmental policy development, implementation and delivery. We understand the processes and requirements of all the key agencies involved in Natural Resources and Environmental Management within New South Wales and their Federal counterparts.

Community Engagement

Community consultation and community engagement is vital to the success of any project. We have extensive experience in undertaking community consultation. As we are located in regional Australia our team has strong empathy for rural and regional Australia.
Managing Crown Reserves

The management of the majority of NSW Crown reserves in undertaken by Reserve Trusts. At Ecosite Solutions we understand the challenges facing Reserve Trusts and can offer solid solutions. We have experience in working with Reserve Trusts to prepare Plans of management, prepare funding applications and project management.

Management of Environmental Projects

We have extensive experience in managing environmental projects, in particular projects for community groups and organisations. We can prepare initial funding proposals, organise the implementation of the project and prepare and submit the final reports.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

Patric Millar is a Provisional Environmental Auditor with RABQSA. Patric can provide advice about the preparation, implementation and auditing of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

GPS Animal Tracking

We have extensive experience in the use of VHF and GPS collars for animal tracking projects. We can provide advice on the most suitable GPS collars for your project.