Environmental Services

Environmental Services offered by Ecosite Solutions

Ecosite Solutions Pty Ltd offers a range of environmental services, innovative products, practical advice and services relating to gaining government environmental approvals. Here are some of the environmental services we offer.

State Government Approvals

  • Mining Operations Plans,
  • Conceptual Project Development Plans for mining operations,
  • Farm Forestry Planning,
  • Native Vegetation Management advice,
  • Plans of Management for Crown Reserves,
  • Water Management Act 2000 Applications,
  • Floodplain Works Approvals,
  • Environmental Impact Statements,
  • Pollution Incident Management Plans

Local Government Approvals

  • Preparation of Development Applications for Local Government,
  • Preparation of Statement’s of Environmental Effects,
  • Preparation of Review of Environmental Factors,
  • Design of on site effluent disposal systems,
  • Local Government Procurement Approved Contractor for Professional Services.

Erosion and Sediment Control Works

  • Preparation of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans,
  • Staff training in soil conservation and erosion and sediment control,
  • On site supervision of staff and erosion control works implementation,
  • Hydrological Design,
  • Stormwater Management Planning.

On Farm Environmental Works and Planning

  • GIS mapping,
  • Whole Farm Planning,
  • Onsite training for farm planning and dairy herd management software,
  • Preparation of Environmental Education Resources,
  • Preparation of funding and grant applications for Landcare Groups and other community groups,
  • Management of environmental projects from cradle to grave for landholders and community groups,
  • Auditing of Dairy energy usage,
  • Soil conservation survey and design.

Environmental Auditing

  • Advice, preparation and auditing of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems,
  • Advice on Environmental Module of Cotton Best Management Practice,
  • Advice on preparation for Organic Farming Audits.

Animal tracking

  • Advice on selection of VHF and GPS devices for animal tracking projects.

This is only a brief list of our services; please contact us to determine your exact requirements.